Prima Group

Prima Group was founded as Prima Limited in 1961, It was the first flour mill in Singapore and one of the pioneer flour millers in Southeast Asia. Its inauguration was a historical turning point for Singapore and the region as it heralded the beginning of locally milled wheat flour replacing imported flour.

Over six decades, we have evolved into an international food company, with manufacturing hubs in Singapore, Sri Lanka, China and Australia.

Prima Sri Lanka

Flying the flag high for the Prima Group in Sri Lanka since 1977 is Prima Ceylon (Private) Limited (PCL), its flagship company. The company considers flour as a specialty ingredient and believes “The right flour makes the best”.Read more

Ceylon Agro Industries

Ceylon Agro-Industries Limited (CAI) was established in 1992 to manufacture and supply a range of wheat and poultry-based value added products ranging from noodles, confectioneries to processed meat with excelled taste & quality and which has now expanded into dairy range of products as well as agriculture and importing of various seeds.

It also provides selected trading products to the Sri Lankan market while supporting the development of agricultural sector.

Prima Instant Noodles

Prima Noodles is the No 1 Instant Noodle product in the Category in Sri Lanka, for its superior taste, quality and nutritional value.

Prima KottuMee is the most preferred instant noodle brand in the island.

This important achievement significantly endorses the excellent research, manufacturing excellence and quality standards which are carefully maintained by Prima.